Dr. Frankie E. Mendez is the Chief Television Director for Lynn University and a frequent speaker at industry events. For the past twenty years, Frankie has worked in higher education and is a professor at Lynn University. She started her career by earning a scholarship to study art almost 30 years ago. She worked as a Creative Director for several years. Her latest book is entitled Prime Leadership & Policy.

Dr Mendez identifies as a Taina from Borinquen she credits her success to the early bilingual education she received.  The socio-economic class Dr. Mendez was born into prepared her for a life of hard work but instead of pursuing endeavors that would be financially responsible. She chose to follow her passion for art that lead her to teach.


Dr Mendez has over 20 years of design & marketing experience with a proven track record of visionary strategic instruction in the post-secondary academic arena. She has been recognized as a leader and mentor with a positive outlook and collaborative style who is able to influence others to reach their peak. She has a creative spirit that seeks out innovative ideas and encourages growth. Dr. Mendez demonstrates and embodies a commitment to diversity, and an understanding and appreciation of learning differences and learning styles. She supports novel teaching approaches, and led by example.