Lic. Miguel Angel Barcenas Ortega


Marketing executive with 35+ years of experience in Fortune’s 500 Corporations managing consumer Products and Brands in 4 categories; Beverages (PepsiCo), Cosmetics / OTC H&W products (Procter and Gamble), Pharmaceutical Products (Norwich Eaton Labs) and Fast Food Restaurantes YUM! Brands and Arby’s.


In addition, Mr. Barcenas has acted as strategy consultant for several companies and associations within the agricultural industry including 1) APEAM (Mexican Avocado Producers and Packers Association) responsible for the expansion of the Avocados From Mexico TM in the USA, Canada, Japan and China; Mexican Grapes Growers Association (AALPUM), Strategic advisor México Suprema Suprema, a Quality Seal from the Mexican Goverment; ProPapaya Association; Chocolatera Moctezuma among others.


Graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana in 1987, Mr. Barcenas has specialized in the development, commercialization and expansion of global and regional brands through a deep understanding of Brands, consumers, shoppers and Retail market dynamics.

Winner of several international awards in Advertising and Organizational Performance is also an active promoter of Social Responsibility supporting non-profit organizations such as Operation Smile, Eco-Challenge, Inter-American Water Day, etc. from where he holds several awards and recognitions.


Some of his acknowledgments include: Internationalist Top 50 Marketing Executives from Latinoamerica (2012 & 2014), “PepsiCo’s 1998 Chairman Award” – For Outstanding Contributions to PepsiCo, “PepsiCo’s 2002 President’s Award” –For leading the Fastest growing Beverage Brand in 2012; 2009 Gold Effie’s Award – Best Beverage Campaign Mexico 2009; PepsiCo’s 2011 Chairman Harvey-Russell Award for best Performance with Purpose activation (Operation Smile)


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