Our training enables you to become the business owner able to “see, design, lay the ground and build” the organization you want to grow into.


You will find what is the cost of not knowing by:

  • Asking great questions
  • Understanding processes
  • Mastering perspective of the business as an organization

Business Accelerator Program

The Business Accelerator Program (BAP) is a 30-hour hands-on training for entrepreneurs and business owners, covering the 10 Learning Areas of the Business, and providing a roadmap for opening and operating a sustainable business in South Florida. HEI trains Hispanic entrepreneurs and business owners to gain a full 360 Perspective of their business, framed in the US business context.

International Business Immersion Program

The International Business Immersion Program (IBIP) is a 16-hour training program for business owners aspiring to open and operate a business in the USA, and specifically in South Florida.


Sales for Hispanic/Latino Entrepreneurs - Business Strategy - Canvas - Finances for Entrepreneurs - Digital Marketing