Empowering a new generation of Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Our team offers Training and Consulting Programs, guiding Hispanic Entrepreneurs to set up operations and run sustainable businesses in South Florida.

How to start your successful business in the US

Market research, Business plan, Legal structure, Hire the right people



Sustainable Growth

You will learn the art to constantly expand your profitability as you grow your business




Expand your Professional Network

Access to professional support, knowledge and experience by business practitioners.
Gain a new perspective.
Access to new opportunities.
Develop partnerships

Experiential Workshops

Learn the key areas to succeed as an entrepreneur in the US.


Your 10 Key Documents

Essential in the business world, evaluated by business experts. From personal elevator pitch to your business plan


Personal Mentor.

Direct and privileged access to the experience of a designated tutor/entrepreneur throughout the program.


Professional Support Network

Share knowledge and references with a high-caliber business colleague who share in common Hispanic heritage.

0 %
Hispanic Population Growth in the US (2060)
US$ 0 MM+
Annual Contribution to the US economy
0 %
Increase on average annual revenue of Latino-Own Business

Participant´s Profile

Traits are intrinsic qualities our participant wishes to develop

Visualizes and Achieves


Willing to learn


Values Cultural Diversity


Gives Values to Mentotung &  Processes


Wants independence


Invests in Education

“Lu Brows Studio

He thanks HEI for his great support through his training programs and advice to our company and to Hispanic entrepreneurs in general. Projects like HEI contribute greatly to the empowerment and growth in the economy of our Hispanic community in the USA.

Thanks HEI. “

Olga Gaviria

Owner Lu Brows Studio

“Thank you HEI for the extraordinary contribution you’re making to the development and advancement or our ever-growing, flourishing, dynamic Hispanic Entrepreneurial Community. Keep up the outstanding job!” 

Morella Villavicencio MBA

LegalShield | IDShield Independent Associate Hispanic Business Leaders Co-Founder

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An Educational Program created for and by Hispanic Entrepreneurs