Phase 1 of our flagship program is a 8-week, Live, Cohort-based, Instructor-Led Training and Mentoring Program, for entrepreneurs and small business owners of Hispanic origins and other underrepresented minorities establishing a business in the USA. The program will provide them with a formal induction into the American business culture and successfully prepare to access capital when launching/growing business

  1. Overcome cultural barriers affecting their business' performance and Sustainability
  2. Understand the rules of doing business in the USA
  3. Initiate the main documents and processes in order to increase their odds of a successful application for a Small Business Loan

On phase 1, after 24 hours of instruction and mentoring, participants recognize the impact of cultural elements on main areas of the business such as Mindset, Finances, Markets, Business Strategy, Operations, Branding and Sales.

Participants get a “map” for building a business and a “must have” business checklist of to-do’s based on the cultural background of Hispanic/Latino immigrants.

In supporting small, home-based businesses and micro-entrepreneurs to grow at least 5% in revenue within one year after receiving the training, and preparing them to achieve “ loan-ready” status, we help close the gap for underrepresented minorities and support them to achieve economic prosperity.

By leveling historic barriers to minority entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to the market, building and growing their businesses while taking into consideration their culture, we break the cycles of generational poverty, change the trajectory for minority families, and strengthen the entire community that surrounds that entrepreneur through job creation and economic vitality. 



To catapult entrepreneurs and small business owners from traditionally underrepresented populations, to the creation of sustainable businesses: Hispanic/Latino - Immigrants - MicroEntrepreneur - Women, and the intersection of these populations, also particularly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In turn, fostering economic prosperity in Palm Beach and Broward Counties



  • 24 Hours of Facilitated content in seven areas of learning: Mindset, Finances, Markets, Business Strategy, Operations, Branding and Sales
  • Coaching and mentoring to support the creation of their main documents (*)
  • The “Participant Guide” printed workbook
  • Business Assessment at the beginning and end of the Program
  • Session Evaluation Forms
  • Certificate of Culmination


Program’s KPI

  • # of trained business owners
  • % of participants with a Corporate Entity
  • % of participants with a  Business Model
  • % of Attrition 


Size of Cohort

The program runs optimally with cohorts of up to 15 participants. All participants will be evaluated before and after their partaking  in the program on a set of qualitative and quantitative financial and business indicators. They will also be surveyed through their participation in the different sessions.



All the learning materials, evaluations, assessments, training sessions and direct assistance/ mentoring sessions will be in Spanish.

An English Version of the program is available.



Live Online, Live In person

Registration requirements

The requirements would be having at least a formal idea for a business, and some experience in the sector/industry of the desired endeavor.