Hundred Hats is a wellbeing program for Latino women in South Florida of all ages, aiming to develop her spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, familiar, financial and professional aspects, and their conscious connection to the female collective.


Totally in Spanish, the topics are all related to the wellbeing of women, regardless of age, occupation or stage in life: a theater play full of content and a guided discussion, allow all participants to share insights and reflections on important areas of life.


Guided by certified professionals in psychotherapy, coaching and communications, Hundred Hats creates a safe and nurturing space for Latino Women to grow, connect and share.


Past events:

  • "Time looks like a woman" - March 2022
  • "The authenticity behind the mask" - October 2022
  • "Flying with your emotions" - December 2022


Next Events:

  • "Resilience in daily life" - February 2023
  • "Your body, your temple" - April 2023
  • "Relationships are gifts" - June 2023
  • "Enjoy the Reward" - August 2023
  • "Fortunate Females" - October 2023